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Co-operative Education

 “There are choices when preparing for life after high school.”

 COOPERATIVE EDUCATION is an experiential learning program that allows students to earn secondary school credits while gaining an on-the-job work experience.

              The program gives students the opportunity to develop their employability skills and gain career awareness while preparing them for the next stage of their lives, whether it be apprenticeship training, college, university or the workplace.

              A co-op program must be based on a related curriculum course (or courses) in which the student is enrolled or has successfully completed.

              The programs consist of a classroom component comprising pre-placement and integration activities and a placement component (min. of 110 hours of work per co-op credit). Together these constitute a student’s co-op program, designed to suit the student’s strengths, interests, needs and to enhance the student’s preparation for the future.

              In collaboration with subject teachers, and placement supervisors, Co-op teachers prepare Personalized Placement Learning Plans (PPLP) that include a description of the curricular knowledge and the employability skills that students will demonstrate at their placements. Students are assessed by both the co-op teacher and the placement supervisor.

              All students who apply for a co-op program are interviewed by a co-op teacher and will be selected to participate based on their suitability for the program (type of placement requested/available, credit and diplomas requirements, access to transportation, dependability etc.). It is important that students begin preparing for their placement early as many placements are competitive and are arranged well in advance.

              The Ministry of Education provides Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage for all co-op students. Participation in some placements may involve some costs to students or parents (eg. the cost of safety boots, medical lab fees, criminal reference checks, or transportation).

              Co-op offers 1, 2, 3 or 4 credit packages and there is no restriction on the number of co-op credits a student may obtain.


What are the benefits of Co-op?

              Explore career choices

              Gain valuable work experience

              Strengthen employment skills

              Improve qualifications for future employment

              Experience employment related situations

              Use equipment not available in school

              Make a smoother transition from school to work or post-secondary education

              Discover personal interest and abilities

              Develop confidence, responsibility and maturity

              May lead into a part-time job


Prerequisite: Career Studies [GLC205]

*Further information is available in Co-op (rm. 234) or Guidance

How to Apply:

              Select COP4X# during on-line option selection (# represents the number of credits requested)

              Obtain and complete a co-op application form from your homeroom teacher, guidance or the co-op office and return to any of the above

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