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 Visual Arts at BHS encourages the development of technical skill through deeply creative and conceptual approaches to visual expression. Students will explore and experiment with ceramics, paint, drawing, print, sculpture and other media to develop a personal voice.  The BHS music program emphasizes mastery learning and promotes logical systems of thinking through reading, understanding, and performing music in a variety of genres. 

 Drama students explore all aspects of theatrical production, from acting through technical skills. They will communicate to an audience through both verbal and physical means of expression. Exploration of video and live performance will be included.  Dance at BHS is focused on creative problem solving through movement. The study of both technique, and choreography will allow students to experience a wide range of styles and forms in dance both as performers and creators. 

Students in photography focus on the fundamental aspects of composition, light, and conceptual development. They will learn both traditional darkroom techniques for developing film and digital skills using a variety of software tools as they explore the possibility of image in the 21st Century.



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Department Lead  Assistant Lead
   Jeremy Desjardine
  Kevin Chocorlan
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