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BHS School Profile
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49 Liberty Street North
Bowmanville, ON  L1C 2L8
School Phone:  905.623.4416
School Fax:  905.623.3269

James Patenall
David Boone & Christina Carey-Herbert
Joe Tompkins
Cathy Abraham  905.987.1833  Cathy Abraham@kprdsb.ca
Sarah Bobka  Sarah_Bobka@kprdsb.ca

"Home of the Talons"


Bowmanville High School will strive to provide a positive, caring, and respectful environment with equal opportunity for all students to acquire the academic and personal skills necessary to learn, communicate, problem solve, and adapt to our changing world.


School Environment Information
In order to uphold the right of all school members to access a safe school community, there are a number of corresponding responsibilities for which all school members must be accountable to ensure a safe and/or positive learning environment.  Everyone has the responsibility to contribute to making the school environment safe and conducive to learning/working, free from discrimination, physical and/or psychological abuse; be a partner in the school community and to work co-operatively with each other; and model appropriate behaviour and to support the school code of conduct by upholding the standards
of behaviour.
School Staffing and Characteristics of Teachers
The dedicated staff at BHS provides a program, which includes a wide variety of sports teams, bands, clubs, choirs, a major theatrical production, a dance recital, music concerts, charitable donations and a variety of local, provincial and international field trips.
School Program Characteristics
Bowmanville High School is a composite school offering diversified academic and technological programs for grades 9 through 12 that include; French Immersion, Specialist High Skills Major in Construction, Health & Wellness and Arts/Culture, Special Education, and a strong Arts program including Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Theatre Arts.  We have enriched academic programming through Advanced Placement classes in English and Mathematics. Our school’s Code of Conduct is developed with staff, student and parent collaboration and it ensures that staff and students work and learn in a safe and secure environment.

The staff works collaboratively to provide balanced, integrated programs in which students are given constant opportunities to improve skills, to enhance self-esteem, and to build confidence. Each student can rely on opportunities to learn and find support for their differences. We have an active Gay-Straight Alliance group in our school.

The School Community Council, comprised of parents, staff members, non-teaching staff, community members and administration, meets approximately seven times a year to offer advice to administration when developing and reviewing school practices and to offer recommendations to the Principal.   The School Council meetings are scheduled for the last Monday of each month except for December, March and June.  The School Council Chair for the current school year is Debbie Muise.

School Budget Information
School year instructional budget for the year is provided late September.

School Facilities

Large auditorium - seats 550
3 gyms, 2 tennis courts, cinder track, playing field, weight room
Dance studio
Cafeteria - seats 420
57 classrooms/9 portables/6 science labs
Approx. 300 computers, some with Internet access throughout school
9 computer labs/6 academic/3 technological
1 instrumental music room
1 Student Leadership Council Room
Special Education Resource Centre & Academic Resource Centre
Co-operative Education Centre
Wheelchair accessible
Extensive community use during evenings and weekends

Guidance and Career Education Department
The Guidance Department offers a range of programs to assist students in career and education planning and other concerns.  Various activities to support students in their preparation for the future are delivered in a classroom setting.  Specific topics include self-awareness, study skills, decision-making, educational awareness and vocational awareness.  The department maintains a large selection of resource materials, which are available for student use in researching careers.  Information related to scholarships, educational exchange opportunities as well as personal development are available through the Guidance Department.  Students also have access to a computer in our student research office where they may log onto Career Cruising, a career exploration website.  In addition, counsellors are available for individual counselling related to social/personal problems, educational planning and career awareness.


School Population & Student Characteristics
Approximately 250 Grade 9 students begin their high school career at BHS each year.  We have approximately 1100 students enrolled for 2014/2015. Our school population is comprised of students from many cultural backgrounds and a blend of young people whose differences are recognized and celebrated.

Student Engagement Information
Some of the many ways our students get involved:

Activities - Students Leadership Council (SLiC), Peer Mediation, Dance Recitals, Environmental Club, School Dances, Homeroom competitions, Day of Silence, Social Justice group etc.
Sports - Interschool Teams
The Arts - Bands,  Choirs - Perform concerts annually and an evening to showcase class work, Annual Dance Performance, Annual Theater Production, Arts Days - Visuals Arts - Garden Project, Ontario Vocal Festival
Mathematics -  University of Waterloo Math Test, Descartes Math Test
Science - Sir Isaac Newton Physics Test


1.  Field Trips
BHS offers many opportunities for students to enrich their in-school curriculum experience by participating in a wide variety of field trips.  These field trips are available to support entire class experiences, specialized groups of students in the area of sports and the arts, as well as general interest field trips. These are open to any student.  BHS continues to provide a variety of learning experiences to many students in all grades and subject disciplines!

        Travel Opportunities

                Durham & Surrounding Area                       
                Parks and outdoor destinations                                          
                Other large urban centres (i.e. Toronto)
                Out of Province trips
2.  Music Events/Performances
Three Bands                     - Senior Band, Junior Band, Jazz Band
Choirs                  - BHS Choir, Women’s Choir
Two Chamber Ensembles   - Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble

Community                       -Concerts at local elementary schools
                                        -Community concert appearances

3.  Visual Arts
Community Involvement

B.H.S. students have participated in the following events:

Annual Board Student Art Exhibit-Northumberland Gallery, Cobourg
Annual Area-Wide Student Art Exhibit - Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Bowmanville
Firehouse Student Art Exhibit, Bowmanville
Bowmanville Town Hall Art Exhibit, Bowmanville
K.P.R.D.S.B. Board Office - Student Art Exhibit - Mural “Diversity: - Peterborough
K.P.R.D.S.B. Arts Gala – Peterborough
Raku Firing

B.H.S. School Community
Students design programs for school events (commencement, student agenda, school play, dance recitals, course calendar, posters, murals in cafeteria, stairwells, hallways, and above door panels.)

4.   Dance
School and Community presentations include:
-Wilmot Creek Seniors Centre, local elementary schools, annual seasonal assembly, annual theatre production, just to name a few

5.  Sports Teams/Clubs
Bowmanville High School offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-curricular teams and clubs, which enhances the learning experience, and the growth potential of students throughout their high school experience.  Students can participate in a variety of sports, which spans all seasons and includes both males and females.  BHS hopes to expand student participation to other groups and teams each year.      

OFSSA / LOSSA Contact: Julia Dowling (P.E. Program Leader)

Below is a sample of some of the teams/clubs that we offer at BHS.  For a current list, visit the Clubs and Sports links on the home page located on the left menu.

Basketball                      Junior & Senior Girls & Boys
Bowling                 Coed
Curling                 Coed
Volleyball                      Junior & Senior Girls & Boys, Co-ed
Soccer                  Junior & Senior Girls & Boys
Hockey                  Varsity Girls
Football                        Junior & Senior Boys
X-Country Running               Coed
Alpine Skiing (Recreational)    Coed
Baseball                        Boys
Track/Field                     Coed
Golf (Match Play & individual)  Coed
Swimming                        Coed
Ultimate Frisbee                Coed
Badminton                       Boys/Girls/Coed
Tennis                  Boys/Girls/Coed
Field Hockey                    Varsity Girls
Cheerleading            Coed
Lacrosse                        Boys            
Softball                        Girls

6.  Community Outreach and Involvement
Bowmanville High School students consistently demonstrate their character through fundraising activities that support others. Annually, BHS participates in the Terry Fox Run and the Annual Earth Day Clean-Up.  The school has also provided support to other local organizations and events such as Hoops for Heart, Bowl for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Salvation Army, Relay For Life and the 30 Hour Famine.  The students and staff participate annually in food and toy drives.
Students helped to develop hiking trails along Bowmanville Creek, completed a variety of work for elderly neighbours, worked as student instructors for elementary students in the Durham Groundwater Festival, and assisted with equipment and publicity for Ontario Power Generation’s NatureFest.  

We offer a School Breakfast Program to support people in attendance at the school to help reduce hunger and enhance student achievement. BHS staff and students work diligently to support our community agencies for the betterment of humanity.

7.  Community Partnerships
Bowmanville High School has strong partnerships with many organizations, including The Kaitlin Group (homebuilders), Lakeridge Health Corporation, Rogers Cable (Durham Television), Blue Circle Cement, Liberty Metal, Bowmanville Zoo, and the Ontario Power Generation. All these partners contribute to opportunities for students to expand their learning experiences.
We have established partnerships with the Durham Regional Police through the crimestoppers program.  This year, we will continue to work with the Traffic Division to promote safe driving in our community.

We are pleased to see that one of our specialized programs for learning within the community continues to flourish.  The Gold Collar program provides an opportunity for students to work in the housing construction field on a building site.  This is a four-credit co-op program (offsite) available to senior students.

8.  Student Leadership Council (SLiC)

Student Leadership Council (SLiC) continues to provide opportunities for the development of leadership skills within the student population while providing a voice to students within the school. The Council is involved in the organization of activities and student events to support the social development of students and community growth for the wider school.  The yearbook class works very closely with the SLiC class.  The class records memories for the current school year, develops and produces the school yearbook annually.


The Ministry of Education has directed that secondary school students participate in two provincial assessments:
-Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
-Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) develop the assessments.  EQAO is an arm’s length provincial agency whose mandate is to provide timely and accurate information about Ontario schools and student achievement by designing and overseeing the implementation of an equitable system of assessment based on provincial expectations and standards.

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is administered to all students who entered Grade 9 in 1999 or thereafter, in their second year of secondary school, and tests reading and writing skills as described in expectations in The Ontario Curriculum for Grade 9 across all subject areas.  Successful completion of the Literacy Test is not a diploma requirement for the first group of students who wrote it, but is for all subsequent years beginning 2001.  Students are given the opportunity to retake the test if they are not successful and there is also the option of taking the Literacy Course for those who still need to satisfy the literacy requirement.

The Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics was administered for the first time in 2000-2001. For annual results use the EQAO data available on-line or on the e Board website www.kpr.edu.on.ca  The Assessment is based on the expectations for Grade 9 Mathematics courses in The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10: Mathematics. The assessment is developed for students enrolled in Applied and Academic Grade 9 Mathematics programs.  Separate test booklets are provided for Applied and Academic classes but many of the items are common for both groups. Students are required to have access to technology, such as scientific or graphing calculators, to respond to some of the test items.

Summary of the process for School Improvement in Literacy and Numeracy

1.      All curriculum areas have been and will continue to include specific reading and writing tasks to all grade 9 students which reflect the types of activities contained within the actual test of reading and writing.

2.      There will be continuous training for grade 10 students throughout the year leading up to the scheduled date for the OSSLT.

3.      A number of options are being considered to provide remedial help for those students who do not successfully complete the Ministry assessment.  Some strategies include:
        -the use of peer tutors for a more individual approach
        -special education resource support
        -involvement providing a voluntary extra class/session after school Literacy program

4.      The School Literacy Committee will continue to meet through the year to assess post-test results and make recommendations to the school as part of the school improvement plan.

5.      Students who do not successfully complete the test will be individually interviewed and next steps are recommended.  This information is then communicated to parents.  

6.       In grade 10, home room teachers will provide intensive test-taking preparations.

7.      The school library will be transformed into a centre of literacy across the curriculum.

8.      After school remedial learning opportunities will be made available to students seeking support for a second attempt at the OSSLT.

9.      Resources will be offered for home use to support continued practice of literacy and numeracy skills.


The School Improvement plan is updated on a yearly basis, with input from the school’s Student Success Team, POR’s, staff and school council.

Bowmanville High School uses a variety of resources to review and update the school improvement plan.  These resources include:
  • provincial and system assessment results
  • the previous school plan for improvement
  • the current school improvement plan
  • the principles of effective schools, smart goals
  • mark reporting
  • school generated data (e.g., surveys)
  • school data (OSSLT, EQAO Math, end of semester achievement results)
  • formal/informal staff discussions regarding areas

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